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Large Screen and Keyboard for Comfortable Usage

  • The Eee PC™ 1000H is equipped with a large 10.1" display that allows users to easily view documents and webpages comfortably

  • The keyboard is 92%** the size of generic notebooks – making it more comfortable to type for more relaxed usage.

7 hours* of Battery Life

  • ASUS exclusive Super Hybrid Engine for longer battery lifespan of 7 hours*

  • Super Hybrid Engine offers a choice of performance and power consumption modes for easy adjustments according to various needs

Exclusive 10GB Eee Storage

  • 10GB file-encrypted Eee Storage with 5GB worth of downloads per day for easy accessibility from both Windows and Linux platforms

  • Choice of either Windows* or GNU Linux OS for convenient computing and an easy, excellent and exciting user experience

High Speed Connectivity Anywhere with Wi-Fi 802.11n

  • Easily functions in any connected environment with fast and complete connectivity (WiFi 802.11n)

  • Built-in Bluetooth for easy data transfers between devices

  • Full range of applications to enhance communication and computing experiences

  • Eee Connect for an easy way to connect two or more users through a remote desktop feature for easy troubleshooting.

Unique Design to Fit Your Individual Personality

  • The Eee PC™ 1000H comes in four custom styles created with cutting-edge Infusion casing technology
  • Infusion surface with inlaid motifs provides a new level of resilience – providing scratch resistance and a beautiful style that will not fade with time

  • Users can choose from Sakura, Sweet Pea, Pearl White, Fine Ebony
  • All specifications are subject to change without notice. Please check with your supplier for exact offers on selected models. Products may not be available in all markets.
  • Operation lifetime subject to product model, normal usage conditions and configurations.